qubitro based indoor air quality monitor #0

0- let's create a new project

create qubitro project

1- choose a connectivity method

qubitro choose connectivity method

2- fill your device informations

qubitro device informations
fill your qubitro device informations

3- save your credentials

qubitro credentials

4- device created

qubitro device created

5- connect to the qubitro over mqtt

qubitro device created

6- connect esp32 and publish data to qubitro over mqtt

6.0- create esp32 project using esp-idf extension of the vs code
qubitro esp32 new project
6.1- choose esp32 esp-idf mqtt tcp template for the project
qubitro esp32 choose mqtt template
6.2- created project
qubitro esp32 created project
6.3- compiled project
qubitro esp32 compiled project
6.4- idf.py menuconfig for wifi connection credentials
qubitro esp32 menuconfig
qubitro esp32 wifi configuration
qubitro esp32 wifi credentials
qubitro esp32 saved wifi credentials
6.5- esp32 connected to the wifi
qubitro esp32 connected wifi
6.6- esp32 esp-idf mqtt authentication credentials for qubitro
qubitro esp32 mqtt authentication
6.7- esp32 mqtt configuration for qubitro
qubitro esp32 mqtt configuration
6.8- publish data to qubitro
qubitro esp32 publish data
6.9- mqtt publish log
qubitro esp32 publish data log
6.10- published data on qubitro
qubitro esp32 mqtt publish data
6.11- payload of the published data on the qubitro
qubitro esp32 payload data

7- visualize your sensor data

qubitro add widget
qubitro add widget
qubitro add widget
qubitro add widget
qubitro add widget